Instead of jostling for position to be the "friendliest" or "most helpful" law firm, try to find words that describe you but stand out, too. 

Finding your voice is about accurately conveying who you are and what you do, but asserting these points in a memorable way, a way which will stay with the prospect long after they've left your website. But you can't have one without the other. Sacrificing useful information for a memorable voice would be detrimental, e.g "No fuss. No hassle. Just pretty good solicitors" would stand out in some way, but has no substance. It has no unique value. This is why it's important to first of all understand what makes you you, what makes your firm the firm it is, your "mission statement" your 'Unique Selling Point'.Call it what you will, but without it, you'll either be boring your website visitors with dull sentences or confusing them with meaningless buzz words that "sound cool."