What do we want? 

Helpful Homepages!

When do we want them?


Rather than aiming for the flashiest homepage packed with boxes that appear and disappear, your new homepage should aim to answer important questions that your prospective clients will be asking upon visiting your site.

Instead of filling your website with fluffy copy, try to assert your firms strengths and clearly state what it is you do, how you do it, and why choosing your firm would be beneficial. 

We all like a cinematic looking homepage that blows our mind upon clicking, but if I had to search around to find out which areas of law a firm practised, I would be less likely to trust them. 

Why? Because they haven't made it easy for me. Say I was in a stressful situation and in need of help (which is often the case when one searches for a solicitor to assist them) I might not want to be dazzled by an all-encompassing image of a forest, which slowly fades to reveal a menu with 'trendy' sounding words like 'house' for Residential Property or 'job' for Employment Law. 

I've accessed the website for help, so please, help. Don't aim to make your website a guessing game. 

For the best possible user journey, make it straightforward. Lay it all out, give them what they need, and you will begin to build trust without even having a conversation with them.