If your law firm has a strong professional reputation in the real world, chances are that this is also translating online - clients are writing positive reviews, your website is getting a good flow of traffic. If you don't? You're probably not getting any "online love", so you might turn to SEO and expect the magic to happen straight away.

The simple truth is that SEO can only do so much. Yes, of course it will help in attracting visitors to your website, and yes, it will help in generating enquiries. If done well, you're likely to see a huge increase in traffic to your site.

 However, if once they get this far and soon discover your service isn't up to scratch or you're still finding your feet, your online presence will work against you. Word will spread through reviews about your poor service and soon you'll be wishing you just kept quiet until you'd developed your skills further. 

So when you combine a solid reputation and a strong SEO strategy, that's when the magic will happen.