If you are considering a rebrand (or a new website!) it's always great to get your online audience involved too. 

Leading up to your launch, post teaser images of your new rebrand to social media and ask their opinion. Make your audience feel as though their opinion matters and above all it’s valued by you.

Not forgetting that these are the people who really do matter, right? By posting teaser images, it also provides an opportunity to receive invaluable feedback. All before that important official launch, convenient huh?! 

 If necessary following their feedback, slight tweaks can be made. And lets face it, after planning and preparing a rebrand, over time you may get a little lazy on the eye when it comes to going over your mock up designs for the 1564 time "just to make sure its right". Sending teaser images out to your audience may spot that all-important flaw in parts of the design (Who can forget the 2012 London Olympics logo shocker).