Having a strong brand is not unattainable, but it isn't something that happens overnight. It's something that is built over time, and is reflected both digitally and physically, through online presence and client service. Digitally speaking, brand is presented through the following:

  • logos
  • images, 
  • blogs/writing style 
  • website copy
  • your social media personality/presence
  • online customer service 

But it must extend past the online world for it to flourish. As soon as a client steps into your firm, they expect a physical embodiment of what they saw on the website - on an aesthetic level as well as a professional one. Brand is something which must be reflected in the way you treat your clients, in every communication and interaction. 

Let me just lay it out simply:

If your law firm's website has a green and white colour scheme, scenic shots of your local area and boasts a straightforward approach and expertise handed down from generations, then your client upon entering your office expects a green and white colour scheme with scenic shots of the area on display and to be dealt with by experts whose vast experience and straightforward approach reassures them that they made the right decision.

But look, If the paint-job doesn't match the website, it's not the end of the world. We both know that your service is more important than whats in your photo-frame. 

All I'm saying is that in order to boost your brand, you must live your brand.