LinkedIn Pulse is the perfect place to showcase your expertise. Why? 

Because Pulse is the place where business meets pleasure. While many of your clients and prospects won't be reading the same online publications for relevant news as you do, many of them will at some point be browsing LinkedIn seeking insight on new trends and information that is important to them. It blurs the line between a social network and a business hub and therefore expands the reach of your content.  

If the content you post on LinkedIn begins to attract a lot of attention, it will get featured on the 'newsfeed' section, meaning that your posts will get noticed and read without anyone specifically searching for them. However, even if it doesn't make it to the newsfeed, your content will be searchable by keyword, meaning that your post will appear when someone searches for information on your chosen subject. This makes it the perfect ground for you to build reputation as an expert in your field.