There's no point in creating content for the sake of it, just because you've been told that "content is king." If you're going to do it, do it well. If you're writing posts that are consistently collecting dust, it's a time waster. Done right, content creation has a lot of potential. 

Aside from the following advice from experts in the field, the basic element of successful content creation is knowing your message: 

What do you want to help your readers to understand? What point are you trying to convey?   

What's the aim of your content? How is it going to help your readers? These are questions you should genuinely be asking yourself before diving right in and writing something of little value. If you know your aim, have a clear message and you know your audience (remember, you're not writing for your colleagues) you'll be on the right tracks.

Once you lay a foundation, you can begin to build. The following tips give insight into creating content that is not only read consistently but also linked back to on a regular basis.