When it comes to social media, we often see firms setting up professional Twitter accounts for their Solicitors. While this has proven successful for many firms, some on the other hand fail to convey consistent brand principles when going down this route. This then limits the success of having a strong online presence when is comes to social media, and of course reaching out to that all-important audience.

If you are considering setting up professional Twitter accounts for your firm, here are a few things to consider:

Your tone of voice: Identify how your online personality will be and stick to it across all profiles. How you communicate on a day-to-day basis with your clients offline is a good way to start. Is this professional? Honest? Friendly?

Visually- Aside from a different avatar (profile picture) all social media profiles relating to your firm should look exactly the same. Your headers should be branded. Your Twitter theme colour should be consistent across all profiles, along with your profile layout.

Your Twitter Bios- Ensure there is a consistent description of the Twitter profile and always include the firms name and link to website. This will all contribute positively when anyone uses Twitter search to find your firm. Not only will they be presented with your firm and solicitors accounts, they will also be presented with a consistent set of visually branded profiles.

The below articles explores the benefits of consistent branding through social media for all businesses, not just law firms!